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נערות ליווי פורטל שירותי ליווי מבוסס מיקום

Missez Lola

​​Languages: langlang
Age: 26
Bust: Big
Body: Sexy
Ethnicity: Canadian
Services For: Men
Hair: Brown
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Missez Lola

A beautiful and divine Mistress who loves to toy with emotions& sensations, has the erotic power to turn ur dreams& desires into reality! Tell me your secrets, they're safe with me! Being versatile, I provide quality companionship. I enjoy exploring the wild side! I am a , professional, passionate, open minded Mistress. I cater to & enjoy light to intense. I have been referred to as a dream come true 
Also, my birthday is coming, show your Love



By contacting me, YOU AGREE that all and any donations are for time spent and companionship ONLY. And that this is NOT an offer of/for prostitution, NOR any form of solicitation for that matter!

You will NOT offer any money for ANY sex act or ANY illegal act!

You are NOT part of any law enforcement agency and do NOT work for any law enforcement agency and that violation of this agreement is entrapment.


totophilly: As a champagne fanatic i was very excited about serving as a toilet for missez lola. She welcomed me in her clean and warm place in montreal downtown. Very cute in person, her body is to die for... i went to her bathroom (the degustation room). There I layed down on my back while she was undressing. Her body is tanned like i thought to myself she was coming back from a carribean cruse or something. Her smell... Oh my god i felt like it was heaven. This prelude was very nice. Then she slowly started by have me worship her feet. I could see the satisfaction in her eyes while i was licking her legs and feet. She likes to see your devotion to please her. then without notice she put her ass on my mouth so i started licking it. Always good before a testing. I suddenly hoped I could get a caviar degustation but i did not asked for it before I came so... But god her ass is so great. It is very easy to tongue it. get it in and explore! I was out of my mind, somewhere else, living the dream... But this was just the beginning. She stood again, watched me and asked if i was ready for the golden rain because she had a lot. i was ready of course! She sat again on my face and i started to lick her perfect vagina. After probably one/two minutes (I lost track of time) i received the first drops. tiny drops at first. My heart was pumping. The taste was amazing, i really wanted more!! Missez Lola knows perfectly how to make you wait for what you want... Then the drops started to become more important and more frequents... Eventually full golden shower !!! God I could not drink it all, i regret it so bad now that I miss it!! The best is I could hear her laugh because she knew it was too much for me to handle. And did not stop! God I loved it. After the golden rain i did a long, (very long) toilet paper rimming while she jerked me off. Next time i am definitely trying the full menu with caviar. thanks again Missez Lola
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